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Meet Our Team

The team here at Changing Chances CIC® is passionate about understanding what’s going on behind the scenes when children are struggling. And we love sharing our research-based approaches and strategies to empower children and their adult supporters to build new skills and make positive changes for the future.

Our aim is to change the way that children and young people are supported at home, at school and in the community; especially those who are struggling as a result of their life experiences or due to having a neuro-divergent profile.

We provide training, coaching, guidance and resources to adults who support children and young people. We also work directly with young people and their families, providing assessments and family coaching.

Click here to hear co-founder Kit Messenger in conversation with Richard Freeman, CEO of Always Possible, about why we do what we do.

Meet our wonderful team

Kit Messenger

Co-founder of Changing Chances CIC®, and co-author of Curious not Furious, Kit is a former headteacher and tutor at the University of Sussex. Kit is determined to bring about big changes in how children are supported in the education system and in society.

Alison Rendle

Co-founder of Changing Chances CIC® and co-author of Curious not Furious, Alison is a former senior leader in a local authority and in secondary schools.  She is a qualified coach, working with school leaders, business leaders and people with neurodivegent conditions.

Naomi de Barra

A Chartered Psychologist, Naomi helps people know their strengths and understand their challenges. She is a neuro-diverse thinker who knows how frustrating learning can be. She also knows that good self-knowledge and great strategies can be transformational.

Lizzy Daniel

Lizzy is one of our young people and family coaches. She is a certified coach, supporting parents, teachers and young people with their emotions, social skills, mental wellbeing and neurodiversity. She also coaches and mentors adults in the corporate and business sectors.

Siobhan Denning

Siobhan is one of our leadership coaches. She has spent most of her career in education, latterly as a highly successful secondary headteacher. She now coaches school leaders and their teams, using solution-focused approaches based on Positive Psychology.

Neil Dixon

Neil Dixon is one of our young people and family coaches. He has been a secondary school teacher for 13 years after previously working in Clinical Science for the NHS. He has lead a shift towards a more therapeutic approach within his current school, improving outcomes for all young person.

Sam Evans

Sam is one of our leadership coaches. She is an experienced coach, trainer and facilitator with a background in senior leadership in the Civil Service. Sam coaches senior leaders and professionals in the public and private sectors and supports the development of leadership teams.

Marguerite Farmer

Marguerite is one of our leadership coaches with over 15 years of coaching experience. Previously, Marguerite was in senior leadership in primary schools. Marguerite coaches leaders in sectors including finance, accountancy, government, education and health.

Leslea Markwick

Leslea works with us to develop and deliver our programmes. She is a former Deputy Headteacher with many years of teaching and leadership experience from Early Years to Key Stage 4. She is currently a primary education advisor for looked after children and a university tutor working at the University of Brighton.

Muriel McClymont

Muriel is one of our leadership coaches. She has over 15 years’ experience as a coach and trainer, coaching leaders and practitioners across many sectors. With a background in corporate senior leadership, Muriel brings a refreshing perspective and skills to her coaching of school leaders.

Sabrina Price-Townsend

Sabrina supports our business processes and development. She has spent over 15 years working in Operational Business Management within Social Services and Education. She currently provides training for Social Care staff and is a proud parent to three amazing children. 

David Rendle

David is one of our leadership coaches. He had a long career in secondary teaching and leadership, latterly working in teacher training and school improvement at the universities of Durham and Chichester. David coaches school leaders and also coaches adults with neurodiverse conditions.

Aideen Smith-Watson

Aideen works with us to develop and deliver our programmes. She excels at developing skills and driving transformative growth within the public sector organisations, schools and families. With her background in psychology and training expertise, Aideen’s empowers adults to support children’s diverse needs.

Chris Taylor

Chris is one of our young people and family coaches. He is a former primary Headteacher with a proven track record for building effective teams and creating shared vision and clarity. As well as being an accredited coach, Chris is a qualified yoga teacher, he loves being outdoors and has a passion for cold water immersion.

Jenny Turner

Jenny is one of our young people and family coaches. She specialises supporting adults and children to manage their emotions and behaviour. She now works on building better mental health and well-being for the adults in schools, empowering them to enhance a culture of inclusivity and trust.

Peter Woodman

Peter is one of our leadership coaches. He has a background in school leadership and was a secondary headteacher in West Sussex and Worcestershire. He acts as an external advisor to schools, leads training for new headteachers and is as an Ofsted Inspector.

Our board of directors

In addition to our core team, we are fortunate to be able to draw on the expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm of a group of committed professionals who make up our board of directors. Click here to meet our board.