Getting off to
a good start

For Parents & Carers

Understanding your child’s brain

We work with parents and carers of children aged from 3 to 18. In particular, those who are having a hard time helping their children to manage their behaviour positively, at home, at school and in the community.

Through the Empowerment Approach programme, parents and carers learn about the child and teenage brain so that they can help their children to understand their own behaviour.

Create pathways to independence

They also learn practical solutions and simple tools to help them to support their children with issues such as:

  • Managing emotions and impulses
  • Controlling attention and dealing with distractions
  • Listening
  • Organisation
  • Managing time and completing tasks

“I am a lot calmer. I know that she’s not just being naughty – I understand now that her brain is working in a different way.” – Parent

Training that fits around your life

Our approach to delivering training is very flexible, making it easy for people to access around their work and caring commitments. We offer online programmes and face-to-face training for small groups. We deliver during the day, in the evenings and sometimes at weekends.

We have delivered our parents’ and carers’ programme in collaboration with a Hastings charity (for nursery age children) and with Sussex Police (for teenagers on the Reboot programme).

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“Once she got through the tears and tantrums, we started to work together as a team.” – Parent

“Listening has actually opened things up. I’ve got back lots more than I thought.” – Parent