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For Parents & Carers

Understanding your child’s brain

We work with parents, carers and families of children aged from 3 to 18 who are having a hard time managing their behaviour positively at home, at school and in the community.

If you want to find new ways of helping your child or teenager to manage their own behaviour, our programme could be just what you’re looking for.

The Empowerment Approach programme will teach you about the developing brain so that your child, you and family can understand what might be driving the behaviour.

Create pathways to independence

You will also learn practical solutions and simple tools to help you to support your child or teenager with issues such as:

  • Managing emotions and impulses
  • Controlling attention and dealing with distractions
  • Listening
  • Organising belongings
  • Managing time and completing tasks

“I am a lot calmer. I know that she’s not just being naughty – I understand now that her brain is working in a different way.” – Parent

Training that fits around your life

Our approach to delivering training is very flexible, making it easy for you to access around your work, life and caring commitments. We offer online programmes and face-to-face training for small groups. We deliver during the day, in the evenings and sometimes even at weekends.

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Does your child or teenager sometimes find it difficult to manage their feelings, concentrate, listen or follow instructions? Have you wondered how best to help them?

Our Parents As Coaches course provides very practical solutions to these difficulties, helping you to understand why your child may find it hard to keep to adult expectations.

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Parents as Coaches

Who is it for? 

This programme is for parents, carers and other family members supporting children and young people who are struggling to manage their feelings, concentrate, listen or follow instructions.

What will I learn?

You will learn simple yet effective coaching tools to use with your child. These tools are designed to you support your child with a range of common issues such as:

  • Managing emotions
  • Managing impulses
  • Controlling attention and managing distractions
  • Listening
  • Organising belongings
  • Managing time and completing tasks

How is it delivered? 

This live online programme is delivered through Zoom over eight weeks. Each week there is a one-hour session, with an opportunity following each session for participants to ask questions about their own situation.

“Once she got through the tears and tantrums, we started to work together as a team.” – Parent

“Listening has actually opened things up. I’ve got back lots more than I thought.” – Parent